5 Sept 2011

Some Unsung Heroes of Our Daily Lives...

They drive buses all day (and most of the night). They put up with crazily potholed roads and stop go traffic almost every minute. It’s a part of their routine. They transport hundreds of people in every journey from one place to another. They are pressurized to deliver a certain amount of fuel average (2.5 kmpl in the case of B.E.S.T.). They do not behave like notorious rickshaw drivers who refuse most passengers; on the contrary they pick up and drop more people than they can. Their buses are in pathetic conditions. Other drivers abuse them for rash driving. Other drivers turn abusive (and sometimes violent) when they don’t (or can’t) give way. They sometimes suffer from heart attacks due to the amount of stress endured. They get paid peanuts compared to the amount of work they do.

And yet, they continue doing it everyday. Sometimes they are vocal about their pitiable conditions, but more often than not they take it with a pinch of salt and move on. They continue doing this thankless job day – after – day without expectation of gratification. They, along with train motormen are the lifeline of India. This article is dedicated to the government bus drivers across India. Whatever people think, I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do!

Photograph © - Rohit Hariharan


  1. We owe a big thank you to them for helping us get along with our life , Helping us to reach our destination and attain our goals.


  2. Well said bwoyz! the matter of fact is I still had to wait an hour to catch C71 from sion. It has to become better, people deserve more than this!

  3. Yes Rohit. People deserve better and so do bus drivers. It's a pity certain politicians don't think so and neglect these services to concentrate on vested interests (read rickshaw drivers for more votes).

  4. Wonderful post, I agree completely. Without out drivers, we would never get anywhere!

  5. i totally agree! some of them even manage to be cheerful with the passengers.. no idea how they can do it!

  6. Yeah you are right. A big thank you to all of them.


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