22 Feb 2012

An Idea To Get Rid Of Corruption [VIDEO]

How tired are we of corruption? And how much do we do to arrest it? Precious little.

My MBA classmates and I shot and composed this video in the fall of 2009 while we were studying at Bharati Vidyapeeth Management Institute. It's our take on how we can combat corruption without entering the system.

This video won awards wherever it entered a competition - Father Agnels' Institute, IES MBA Institute and others. The video was also applauded by renowned Marathi actor Sachin Khedekar. The following was his take of our video:

"I'm not so concerned about videos which constantly portray the problems we face. I don't want to hear people constantly say "It's not possible", "We can't do anything", "It's always been like this", etc. I want to see a positive sign where we are provided with a solution to such issues. This video is a classic example of such solutions." - Sachin Khedekar.
The team with Sachin Khedekar. The one on the extreme right is me.
We must stand as one against corruption. The process of reducing it (elimination is impossible) will be painstakingly long, but every bit worth it! We must not lose hope. It's important to stand as a united force and oppose corruption. If we do this, we'll fix the problem of rampant corruption without having to enter the system. Forget the saying "Apna kaam banta, bhaad mein jaaye janta (As long as my work is done, the world can go to hell)" and stand as citizens of one country.


  1. Wonderful video..!! :)

    It is indeed youngsters like you who are responsible to control the further spread of corruption! :)

    Great post vishal..!!

    1. Come on, Ramya. Don't be modest! You were an indispensable pat of the team because you shot the whole thing!

  2. Of course, shaming a corrupt officer in real life might prove to be difficult as they have thick hides and are wily enough to act upright, especially now that the ordinary public's eyes are trained on them. But united action is a GREAT message. As are simulated videos like yours. After all who is more effective? A billion lone voices or a billion strong force? So, congrats and thanks for showing us a possible action plan.

  3. AWesome post bro !
    as you rightly said, tough and tougher to ERADICATE but we can reduce it to a greater level....

  4. Super work, Vishal! Of course, corruption needs to be dealt with strongly and what better way than raising a united strong voice against it. Small steps like these go a long way in inspiring people all over. The video is motivating, kudos to all you guys for making a change and inspiring others to do the same too.

  5. Wonderful video yaar!! And congrats for the awards and recognitions, deservingly!! :)

  6. Thanks Kay, Arti, Deepak & Binu.

    This video is very close to our (the team that worked on it) hearts. Not just because it won accolades, but its something we would like to execute in future :)

    Thanks again, for your encouraging words.


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