18 Mar 2012

My Quotes on Life - I

I won’t create a prelude too much. Here are 7 quotes I’ve come up with related to our lives. The ideas may be somewhat similar to what many great philosophers have written, but the quotes are 100% original.

Quotes on Life!

1.      A man’s character can be recognized by his sense of humour.

2.      Do not hang around in places where you won’t be missed.

3.      Which questions are we comfortable with? The ones we have answers to.

4.      You’re a real man if you can make a woman feel like a real woman.

5.      If you try hard to cut corners, that trying hard does not count. It won’t make you rich.

6.      Performing beyond expectations once will not allow you to perform below par later and get away with it.

7.      What would you rather use to be successful? Your first name or your surname?

These quotes haven’t been copyrighted. So feel free to use them wherever you want. Please credit me for it, though.

I’ll keep coming up with more quotes like these with time. Watch out for them.

Do share your thoughts on my thoughts. ;)


  1. 500% agree :)
    kudos.. great words
    A man’s character can be recognized by his sense of humour.

    1. Thanks dude. Maybe you can help me write part II... :)

  2. Very nice...looking forward to more from you

  3. nice thoughts!!


  4. These are so true.. basic, bang on and life lesson quotes ... love them... I need to write these down big and put them on my fridge.

    1. Thanks Kajal. Guess I could jot down your posts and paste them on my cupboard too :)

  5. Very interesting blog! Point two is what I meant in my blog :)

  6. Nice ones Vishal! For the first quote, I'd like to add a similar one (and a popular one) - He who laughs at himself will have no rivals! :)

  7. Some wonderful quotes- especially do not hang around where you will not be missed,what would you rather use to be successful- surname or first name.

  8. Great quotes and for the last one I would say first name. For the fourth one, all the ladies would love it!!!

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  10. Waiting more such great quotes from Vishipedia!

  11. i love 1 2 and 7... but haha my name is very typical and i cant use my last name since i hate it..

    I'm good, busy fangirling for the hunger games books i love them. :)


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