5 May 2013

What is Wrong With Us Men?

  • Earlier men discussed women, cars and bikes; now they discuss smart phones.
  • Earlier men held doors open for women; now they expect women to hold their bags.
  • Earlier men were chivalrous; now they like being cocky and humiliating women.
  • Earlier men were upfront and direct; now most are manipulative and twisted.
  • Earlier men sporting a stubble were considered macho; now they’re considered unkempt.
  • Earlier men got their hands greasy tinkering with stuff; now they’re concerned about complexion and finger nails.
  • Earlier men were ‘petro’sexuals; now they’re metrosexuals.
  • Earlier men displayed power by establishing empires; now they show off their phones.
  • Earlier men argued in front of each other; now they bitch behind others’ backs.
  • Earlier men made love to women and pampered them; now they rape them.
Malboro Man? Anyone?

Earlier men were men; now I’m afraid they'll soon start sprouting boobs. Wonder what has gone wrong with us. What do you think?

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  1. Ha ha. Very true. Lets just hope men don't start sprouting boobs. ;-)

  2. I guess, this is the evolution of Man kind !! errr... may be, evolution of Man "Not so" Kind !! :D

  3. Hahahaah..nice thought Mr. pure waste!

    i agree with you on everything you've said vishal ! just don't think all of it is bad, persay!

    men bitching is so sad and so prevalent that its becoming annoying!

    m curious to know what according to you are the reasons behind such a drastic change in men..do share..

    1. This change hasn't been drastic; it's been gradual over decades. Maybe luxuries offered have made us men lazy; we prefer to take it easy and slog only at work. Plus men now prefer showing their masculinity by dominating women. There's an awesome old saying which isn't applicable anymore "When a woman is bored, she goes shopping. When a man is bored, he conquers a nation."

  4. Mem will always be men
    Earlier also they discussed about women & bikes now also they do with an additional topic of gadgets

    The man who opens door for woman out of respect off course will never rape one. The man who treats her woman like princess is definitely braught in hands of queen. Its just his culture & manner

    Men stll throw their towel on floor & toothpaste cap on bed but when they know their life partner also working equally hard in her professional life then no harm in putting yourself in her shoes for a while & helping her in cleaning plates & buying grocerries or do anything which can make her feel happy.

    Men are Like the ICICI advertisement says " thode kachce hai par bande achche hai" as well as how IMPERIAL BLUE ad says " men will be men"

    1. True, Atul. But there aren't enough men like you who hold doors for others or who help in household work. The world needs more men like you.

  5. I guess this is the way of nature balancing the sexes.. The gap between man and woman slowly narrowing with women doing most of the things that were earlier considered "mens only" and men indulging in gossiping and bitching around..
    Similarly, regarding men being chivalrous, there are still chivalrous men but maybe not as many as before. I feel the reason is as I said the gap between men and women is decreasing. The whole concept of men having to be chivalrous towards women comes from the man-centric society where women are considered powerless and dependent. Today the scenario is completely different. Women are equally powerful and independent if not more. Husbands and wives are more of friends now.
    But all this still doesn't explain the last point you raised.

    1. Thanks for your views, Binoy... And you raise some very good points...

  6. Times are changing may be for good... but men surely are changing for worse ..
    great message in a unique style ! Suppa Like !

    1. Let's hope things change for the better soon :)

  7. Hehehe.. Well said Vishal!

    I guess men are trying to become more like women (bitching / cosmetics etc) and women are becoming more like men! I guess in another 2000 years there won't be any distinction.. Now, they say, all men are equal. After 3k years, they will say, all humans are equal!

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