24 Dec 2013

NumeroUnity.Com - An Inside View

Beautiful are those people
Who leaves their marks,
on sands of time
As dew on flowers
in zest of sunshine
Sweet as nectar
holy as divine

These lines are part of NumeroUnity, the blog under the microscope as part of the Indiblogeshwaris' Naughty and Nice programme. It is owned and handled by Ekta Khetan (hope I've got the surname right), a resident of Mumbai and a pretty girl.

The blog is impressive, just as the lines penned above. The design is clutter-free and simple, with share-on-social-media options at visible places encouraging the reader to do so.

NumeroUnity's Landing Page, with the author Ekta Khetan
The blog site (which I assume is hosted on blogger.com), is separated into 5 pages as follows:
  1.  Blog with NumeroUnity – A page which informs readers about the areas where Ekta can help businesses/brands improve their online presence. She states that she’s well equipped to handle writing projects, book launches, reviews of movies, restaurants, spas, white goods, etc., promotions, advertising, polls, giveaways and more.
  2. Blog Awards – This page talks about the accolades Ekta’s blog has won. They include winning the Microsoft Office 365 Contest, We Chat’s pan India blogging contest and one from Kitchens of India, among others. Plus she is a Mia Top Blogger for Tanishq and has featured in Spicy Saturday. Her article on Curry Bashing has been featured in MumbaiMirror too. Way to go, girl!
  3. Review – As the title suggests, this section includes reviews on films, books, food, products, and more. The page has links of the reviews posted, which means a reader can browse through the entire list of reviews at once. She can click on the link she chooses and not have to wade through content that doesn't interest her.
  4. What is NumeroUnity – This is the website’s About page. It briefly describes the owner's journey through the blogging world and talks about her likes and skills.
  5. Poems I Penned – It looks like Ekta loves writing poems. Almost every post of hers has a few lines of poetry. This section, however, has just 2 poems so far. You can bet more are coming soon.

Ekta's writing is fresh and unconventional. Unlike many bloggers, she doesn't rant about how unfair life is and how the world is not what she imagined it should be. She prefers using photos and humor in her posts. And it seems she is dead against men sporting a stubble, which is evident from the jab she’s taken at Shahid Kapoor & Ranveer Singh. The way she portrays an appalled Deepika Padukone and Sonakshi Sinha is hilarious.

Ekta could revamp the layout of her blog page a little. Archives, the option to subscribe and some good posts like the tribute to Michael Jackson and her interview are at the bottom of long pages. Plus, it takes a little effort of maneuver to one of her latest posts if you’re on another page. The Feedjit widget can make way for something which will ensure readers stay looped in on her site. And as is the case with all of us, writing skills can be further sharpened.

It’s a great blog site on the whole. One with 243 followers and 3, 00,000+ visits, she definitely is doing things right. Ekta is popular too – she gets at least 20 comments on each post. Awesome, isn't it? So guys, if you’re looking for your dose of humor, follow her website and Twitter handle. Rest assured, you won’t be let down. Cheers.


  1. Done sir. Following her website and her twitter handle. Thank for the post !

  2. The '20 comments on each post' bit had me smiling... for a plethora of reasons. All kind, all benign- may I hasten to add.

    You've done a good job secret Elf! If I hadn't been familiar with Ekta's blog, I'd surely have wanted to follow it. You urge so determinedly. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I have recently started reading Ekta's blog and I have loved the humor quotient of her blog it at times makes you go rofl...the stubble contest entries are completely out of the box....loved the review :)

  4. LOL... That's true guys... She's got an interesting blog indeed :)

    Glad you liked the review...

  5. Nice review...indeed she is all that you have mentioned.

  6. I cam across Ekta's poems (haiku) during the AtoZ challenge. She writes well and your review is nice too.

  7. Thanks Vishal :)
    Though I saw it the moment you published but I prefer coming back to it and lift up my otherwise dull day :) God bless.
    Thanks to Dagny, Suzy, Karan and Jaanu..and off course Purvesh for following my twitter handle :)



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