7 Jun 2014

The Worst Kept Secrets about the Art of Writing

I love typing! I just do! The sound of keys being pressed and letters appearing as if by magic on the screen have a soothing effect. Suddenly everything seems okay. The mind is cleared of all clutter and the focus shifts to speed and accuracy.

A couple of typing tools are installed on my computer – Typing Master and Typing Test. They’re useful in improving accuracy and speed. While my accuracy hovers consistently around the 97% mark, my speed has shot up from 35 words per minute (wpm) to 71. This means I can type more than 1 word per second! Isn’t that awesome?

I love writing even more. Scribbling ideas on a notepad, striking out the irrelevant ones, making a final work out of everything compiled; it makes me feel like an artist. If only it wasn’t for the moral guilt of wasting paper.

Writing is one of the most gratifying feelings (I can already see writers nodding fervently) in the world. You create a piece of art and, if you love it, post it online for people to see. Then seeing the number of hits on your website increasing, readers commenting on your post and sharing it, satiate you. The ability to make readers consider your point of view, to make them ponder, get inspired or take action; they make you feel like a demigod! And if you’ve published a book, you’ve gone that 1 step further than most. The sheer sight of your book on stands in bookstores must be an unmatched feeling, probably only eclipsed by seeing someone buy it.

There are 3 secrets to writing well:
1.      Clarity of thought
2.      Lots of reading
3.      The ability to evoke an emotional response.

Clarity of thought comes by constant pondering and keeping an open mind. Reading broadens your perspective and allows you to achieve point number 1. The ability to evoke emotion comes with passion; a genuine liking for readers and wanting them to know something very important.

I lag way behind in each of these aspects. The strife to improve at them will never end. And it shouldn’t! Because the day you’re through with this struggle, you’re through. And the day you’re through writing, you have given up on your voice, on everything you stand for; you will have given up on life itself.

This is my attempt at musing. I had nothing better to do. This post is a result of 20 minutes of time and effort. What are your thoughts, dear reader, about writers and writing? Would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Your sincere wannabe writer,


  1. What I dont understand is why did you sign off as a "wannabe writer". As far as I know you, you excel in all these 3 secrets of writing and your blog has been picked up by all the major blogging websites. In my view you already are an accomplished writer, unless you consider that at least one book needs to be published before one can call himself a writer. (and this I would not agree with)

    And about this blog, it brings out the secrets of writing beautifully !! The take away is that i shall keep reading and keep increasing my horizon. It is always a pleasure to read your blogs.

  2. I totally agree with you. Writing is such a magical thing. The sheer happiness felt when you put your thoughts into words and have people acknowledge them, it's unmatched. And you're a good writer. Always enjoy reading your posts. Keep writing. :-)

    1. Thanks Kanthu...

      Feels good to receive a compliment :)

  3. Lovely post Vishal. Something important we all can keep in the back of our minds while we blog or write.

  4. Hi Vishal! Reading this post has been soothing for me! I think you can safely call yourself a writer if this wonderful post is the result of just 20 minutes! I need a lot longer to structure my thoughts and put them together. For me, even though typing is a great activity, it's more stressful to put things together into a satisfactory whole.

    Also, if you are passionate about writing, may I recommend William Zinsser's On Writing Well. The book is absolutely motivating in all the practical advice it has on writing.

    I hope you enjoy your journey of writing!

    1. Thanks Suman... Will lay my hands on the book and review for the benefit of other so that they can enjoy it too :)


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