14 Sept 2013

All You Wanted to Know About WriteUp Cafe...

Binoy Karan - founder of WriteUpCafe
This post is about the blog sharing platform many bloggers are aware of - WriteUp Cafe. Most of us merely use the website to share our posts and links. But this platform offers so much more than we know. This article is to make us bloggers (and aspiring ones too) aware of the very purpose that drives WriteupCafe (WUC).

The founder and owner, Binoy Karan, designed and launched the website in 2009. He tirelessly and selflessly toils at developing this not-for-profit venture to boost bloggers' reach. I am enthralled by many ideas he has for improving not only the reach of us bloggers but also our quality of writing.

I won't spoil things further. Here is a tête-à-tête with Binoy about the past, present and future of WUC:

Vishal Kataria (VK). What is WriteUpCafe all about?
Binoy Karan (BK). WriteUpCafe.com is a social network of writers offering a wide range of features for the users like posting writeups directly on the site, submiting links to blog posts, showcasing their personal blogs as well as provide a platform for them to interact with each other.

VK. When did you launch the site?
BK. The site was launched in March, 2009.

VK. Why did you think of launching WUC?
BK. I was introduced into the world of blogging sometime in 2006. But soon realized that writing alone is not enough, I need to get people to read what I write. I also realized there were thousands like me writing millions of things under the sun on their blogs but not being able to reach out to fellow readers. I came to know many fellow bloggers who were trying hard to get genuine readers. Back then every time we published a new article we posted the links on the several blogging communities on Orkut. It was then I thought why not create a site where people can directly write and comment and interact with each other. In the beginning there were just a few of us who regularly wrote, read and commented on each other's writeups. But soon it picked up and there were many others who joined in and today we have a community of thousands of members.
WriteUpCafe - A Social Network of Writers

VK. What differentiates WriteUpCafe from other blog sharing platforms?
BK. WriteUpCafe caters to anybody who has a desire to write and is not restricted to people who have their own blogs. We have introduced several features keeping in mind the requirements of the different category of members - bloggers and non bloggers. Members can post writeups directly on the site or submit links to their blog posts. We have regular contests which are purely based on creativity. Though commercialization is necessary and important for sustenance , we are trying to come up with a model wherein the creativity is not sacrificed in the name of commercialization. Our primary target will always be to foster the spirit of writing and to provide a literary environment to budding writers.

VK. What does WUC help bloggers achieve?
BK. WriteUpCafe like any other site provides a platform to reach out to readers. Every writeup or link posted on the site is automatically submitted to our facebook page having more than 11000 members. But traffic is not the be all and end all for a writer. Here you get a chance to know other writers, add them as friends, interact and learn from them, make your own groups and have your own internal contests.

VK. What are your future plans for the website?
BK. We would like to hold as many literary events as possible on WriteUpCafe. Recently, we successfully concluded the second season of the Indian Bloggers' League (IBL) and would like to come up with more such contests  which would help the writers in discovering their own talents and at the same time get to know fellow writers from around the country. In future we also plan to hold regular workshops for budding writers where participating members can collaborate and learn from each other.

So there we are! Thanks, Binoy, for all that you are doing for us. It must be quite difficult to handle this liability (responsibility wise and monetary wise) along with your family (including your new born daughter).

We use WUC for posting our articles and for IBL. With our collective involvement, Binoy will be able to achieve his dreams of making WUC one of the best sites which bloggers will use for improving not only their rankings but their quality also. We wish Binoy all the best and hope he can achieve all his goals.

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  1. Write up cafe is indeed doing a very good job. Kudos to Binoy & team

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for all you're doing for us bloggers, BK. It's the least I can do in return.

  3. Yo Yo to both Vishipedia and Binoypedia :D
    good job...

  4. Kudos to Binoy! He is doing such a magnificent job!

    1. Absolutely, Rajrupa. He is doing something wonderful for us all.

  5. I have registered for writeupcfe but didnt explore as to what it was all about. Cool, now I will have to dig deep! Thanks Vishal and Binoy..


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