5 Sept 2013

An Ode to All Teachers on Teachers' Day...

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for learning.”

Teaching is arguably the most revered profession in the world. And why not? A teacher shoulders the tremendous responsibility of forming the very foundation of society. From the ability to read and write to instilling values, principles and shaping thought processes, a teacher prepares every living being to face the world. The poise, attitude, persona and thinking of a person are outcomes of the teachings she has imbibed within her.

A teacher isn’t just a professor or lecturer. Every parent, mentor, superior, friend or guide is a teacher. Everyone who can teach us something in life is a teacher. And trust me, everyone can teach us something. Whether we incorporate those lessons in life or not depends on us.

I have been fortunate to find exceptional teachers in my short journey. Since good teachers are hard to find, it makes them indispensable. My mother instilled values and communication skills in me. My father still teaches me about street smartness through practical lessons. Some bosses taught me a lot and showed faith in me. Some professors in college (where I studied MBA) reshaped my thinking. They broadened my horizons and helped me look at what can be; beyond merely what is. Mahendra Singh Dhoni keeps teaching me about how to manage people and oneself, and how nothing is impossible. He’s my Dronacharya and I’m Eklavya; he’ll probably never know that I even exist. And of course, there are always friends whose pearls of wisdom are awesome advice.
A true teacher

The teachers I respect most never enforced their opinions upon me. They questioned, prodded, and delved till I found most of the answers myself. When I faltered, they were always there to hold me. When I fell, they didn't jeer. Instead, they showed unwavering faith which helped me get back on my feet.

Here’s an ode to all the teachers in the world; a toast to the terrific job they do. Let us never think that we know enough. Let us keep looking for teachers and absorb what they teach. Let their unselfish efforts not go in vain. Let us improve ourselves and contribute to the betterment of society. Let us make our teachers proud. It’s the best gift we can give them. No money, gifts or lavishness can replace the sense of pride we can offer them for having taught us.

Dear teachers, without you, I am nothing. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Hope I make you all proud someday.

Dear readers, if you would like to pay tribute to your teachers, the Comments section is all yours.

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  1. true, I dedicate your blog to my beloved teachers who saw something special in each student before we could see it.

    1. Thanks, Sreedevi. Do share the link with teachers you consider special.

  2. After you explained the greatness of Dhoni, I was really impressed with him and his style of leading. I do not watch cricket much but now I am a fan of Dhoni too. Sometime i will watch cricket just because he is playing and see him lead this men.

    I also remembered once incident when I was midst an operation with militants in Manipur and one of my men getting injured fatally. I remembered the words of my Fauji Mentor, one colonel, who always used to say, "Your actions during trying moments define you. Give your best and life will offer its best to you". Me with my platoon managed get him out. We can never gauge how much the teachings of our teachers help us, in every aspect of our lives.

    And i am sure there many people learning from you. Keep up your amazing works and many people will be glad they learned from you. Cheers.


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